Australian Cartoonists' Association Exhibition at Top Ryde City

This page is designed to keep up-to-date information on the Exhibition

The exhibition will go from the 24th of August to the 7th of September at Top Ryde City.

All ACA Members are entitled to send up to 5 prints (no original please!) with a short bio as per the call for submission sent to all ACA Members on the 5th of July 2013.

Deadline to send me the cartoons: Wednesday, 14 August 2013!

The "Hungry for Art" organizers are expecting 3 "PopUp" events:

  • Saturday 24th of August: 12-noon to 2pm: Official Opening. Rob Feldman will be Master Of Ceremonies and Lindsay Foyle can hopefully do a short speech to introduce the ACA and the exhibition. I am hoping also that many cartoonists/caricaturists/illustrators will be present as well to interact with the public and the press (yes, there will be press invited). (Confirmed: Rob Feldman, Dani Vittz, Jock Brodie, Lindsay Foyle, Roger Fletcher, Buddy Ross, Tim McEwen, Louie Joyce, Bize, Peter Lewis, Glen Le Lievre, Steve Panozzo, Paul Caggegi, Adi Firth, Robert Luxford, Peter Byrne, Regine "Jinberry" Clarke, Christophe Granet) (Maybe: Tony Lopes, Anton Emdin)
  • Latest News for Saturday 24th of August: We'll be located on the Ground Floor, just outside Myer. Please be present by 11:30am for a 12-noon start. Bring some paper, pens, pencils, whatever you need to draw with and let's show the public what cartoonists do! I'll bring some large sheets of papers for everybody to doodle on and then we can hang those sheets as part of the exhibition. I am hoping the caricaturists amongst you will be kind enough to draw the public for free. It would be greatly appreciated... Note that if you come by car and park in the car-park, I've arranged for Top Ryde Management to validate your parking tickets so that you won't have to pay for parking. Just let me know if you need to use this facility on the day. I have name-tags for everybody and I would appreciate it if you were to wear them so that we can be easily spotted by the public.
  • Saturday 24th of August: Afternoon get together and Pizza dinner at my house! You already know the address (if not, email me)! Partners and children are most welcome! Please RSVP as soon as you can and let me know how many people (if any) will come with you. Basically, after the opening ceremony and things are quieting down at Top Ryde City, we'll retreat to my house for Coffee/Tea then we'll order pizzas (maybe $10 to $15 per person). Please BYO drinks (there's a bottleshop 100m from my house, so you can buy there too if you need to). Hopefully, you'll all be happy with this arrangement...
  • Thursday 29th of August: 6pm - 9pm: As many hands on deck as possible to interact with the public and the exhibition. (Confirmed: Rob Feldman, Jock Brodie, Tim McEwen, Paul Caggegi, Regine "Jinberry" Clarke, Christophe Granet) (Maybe: Dani Vittz)
  • Sunday 1st September: Official "Hungry for Art" trail (10am - 5pm): The public may come around all day as part of the "trail" where the exhibition is one of the "attractions" of the trail. If anybody can come for an hour or so (not the whole day!), let me know. Unfortunately, it is on Fathers' Day. I did not choose that date, it was chosen by the Hungry for Art committee. I'll be there from 2pm to 5pm, hoping to be NOT just by myself! (Confirmed: Tim McEwen, Christophe Granet) (Maybe: Rob Feldman, Dani Vittz)

Please send artwork and let me know as soon as possible if you are available to help on either or all of the PopUp event dates...

So far, I have received artwork from:

  1. Wayne Flemming:
  2. Neil Matterson
  3. David Pope:
  4. Phil Somerville:
  5. Anton Emdin:
  6. Phil Judd:
  7. Rob Feldman:
  8. George Haddon:
  9. Bob Carter
  10. Martina Zeitler:
  11. Dani Vittz:
  12. Roger Fletcher:
  13. Buddy Ross
  14. Tony Lopes:
  15. Nik Scott:
  16. Phillip Day:
  17. Craig Hilton (Jenner):
  18. David Emerson (EMO):
  19. Jules Faber:
  20. Robert Mason (rim):
  21. John Allison:
  22. Jason Chatfield:
  23. Jock Brodie
  24. Terry Dunnett:
  25. Gary Clark:
  26. Lindsay Foyle
  27. Mark Lynch:
  28. Alan Moir
  29. Dean Alston
  30. Luke Watson:
  31. John Farmer
  32. Peter Lewis:
  33. Glen Le Lievre:
  34. Tim Mellish:
  35. Paul Caggegi:
  36. James Foley:
  37. Bize:
  38. Nathan Seabolt:
  39. Peter Fairfax:
  40. Danny Zemp:
  41. SpAE:
  42. Robert Luxford:
  43. Adi Firth:
  44. Regine Clarke (Jinberry):
  45. Eric Lobbecke: http;//
  46. Josh McCrimmon:
  47. Grant Brown:
  48. Kent Kobi:
  49. Nic Lawson:
  50. Louie Joyce:
  51. Tim McEwen:
  52. Peter Byrne:
  53. Jon Snow:
  54. Jin Chan Yum Wai:
  55. Hayden Fryer:
  56. Judy Nadin:
  57. Christopher Downes:
  58. Julie Doye
  59. Steve Panozzo:
  60. Alisha Jade:
  61. Jozef Szekeres:
  62. Christophe Granet: