Australian Cartoonists' Association Exhibition at the 2017 International Cartoon Festival of Saint Just le Martel (France)

This page is designed to keep up-to-date information on the Exhibition

Invitation to Australian Cartoonists:

The Australian Cartoonists' Association (ACA) is organizing again an exhibition of Australian Cartoonists' artwork as part of the 2017 International Cartoon Festival of Saint Just le Martel (France)

Although the original idea is to showcase the artwork of ACA Members only, the ACA is opening the opportunity to other cartoonists in Australia. I am organizing the exhibition on behalf of the ACA, so, if interested, keep reading...

In 2014, the ACA Exhibition won the "2014 Crayon de Porcelaine Presse Internationale" prize and some photos taken during the Festival can be seen here, here, here, here and here. Photos of the 2015 Exhibition can be seen here

Instructions for sending artwork to Saint Just le Martel 2017 Cartoon Festival:

The Festival will run from the 29th of September (Friday, opening night) to the 8th of October (Sunday afternoon) 2017.

Saint Just le Martel is a small village next to the town of Limoges in central France (400km south of Paris, more info HERE).

The festival mostly caters for single gag cartoons, editorial and political cartoons, caricatures and illustrations.

The festival has been around for over 30 years and attracts a lot of cartoonists from around the world as well as lots of visitors ( ).

What to send:

  • Political/Editorial cartoonists to send cartoons with a global flavour or understanding (i.e, no local Australian politics and politicians).
  • Caricaturists to send caricatures of well known people (internationally recognized).
  • Gag-cartoonists to send preferably "visual gags" (any theme), gags with an Australian flavour or gags that would translate well (no puns!).
  • Illustrator to send "Australian-flavoured" illustrations or illustrations that can be enjoyed visually without the context of the article or book they are meant to illustrate.

Each artist can contribute up to a maximum three A4-prints (thick paper preferably, not standard photocopy paper, signed if possible) that I can collect and send as a big bunch when ready. Note: NO ORIGINALS!

Please also provide me with the following as I'll make up "tags" to be displayed next to the cartoons:

  • Artist name: (Hagen in my case)
  • Location: (Sydney, Australia in my case)
  • Website: ( in my case)

Just to clarify: There is no need to produce NEW artwork for this exhibition, unless you want to. It is perfectly OK to re-use artwork you have already produced. That's what I will do :)

The Festival organizers will have the right to veto cartoons they think are not appropriate for public display. I will have no control over this and their decision will be final.

The deadline for sending me your artwork is 28th of July 2017 as I need to send the artwork to the organizers by the end of July so that they have time to plan the exhibition based on how many cartoons they receive.

If you are interested, please contact me by email at and I will give you a postal address.

IMPORTANT: You will need to protect your artwork with a plastic sleeve and a card-board insert in the envelope please.

The sooner you send me the artwork the better. Again, I would like to stress that please, please, do not send original artwork as I cannot promise it will be returned. Good quality prints are what I am after...

Of course, the best outcome would be for some of us to be there for the festival. Five ACA Members attended the 2014 Festival and one ACA Member attended the 2015 edition of the Festival...

It is a family friendly festival, and if they wish to, most artists who attend are being housed in the village by volunteers. There are endless stories of artists coming back year after year to bunk with the same family as they have become close friends. If you are interested in this form of accommodation, I'll put you in touch with the organizers in France...

So far, I have received artwork from:

  1. Dani Vittz:
  2. Lindsay Foyle: No website provided
  3. Danny Zemp:
  4. Tony Lopes:
  5. Jock Brodie:
  6. Tim Mellish:
  7. Jules Faber:
  8. Christophe Granet: